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22nd International Farm Management Congress "Growing Agriculture @ 41 Degrees South"

03 March 2019 - 3-8 March 2019 | IFMA | Launceston | Australia

The 22nd International Farm Management Association Congress will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston from 3 to 8 March 2019, with a supplementary day for Next Generation agricultural managers on Saturday 2nd March.

The theme for the 2019 Congress is Growing Agriculture @ 41 Degrees South – excellence in farm management through innovation, diversification and integration with tourism.  Although the theme refers to agriculture at 410 South – Tasmania, we see Tasmania as an example of farming where businesses are generally diversified and focussed on producing differentiated products for export rather than bulk commodities.  The issues we discuss will be relevant to many regions throughout Australia and around the world.

The Congress will devote a number of sessions to presentations, discussions and workshops to examine what Governments, educators, researchers, consultants, farmers and commercial companies will need to do to capitalise on these opportunities.

The program also includes:

    2 days of field tours visiting farms and related institutions in northern Tasmania
    Presentations on global issues relevant to the theme of growing agriculture
    Contributed papers on the Congress sub-themes
    Presentations and round-table discussions (1.5 days) on what we can or perhaps must do to increase output.

The program for Next Gens (early career agricultural managers) starts a day ahead of the main Congress; with visits to farms managed by Next Gens, discussions and mentoring on farm management issues, and time for having fun.

IFMA 22 is hosted by the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and the Environment and the University of Tasmania under their joint venture as the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.

There will be a one week pre-congress tour in Tasmania and a one week post-congress tour on mainland Australia (travelling from Melbourne through farming areas of south-east Australia to Sydney.

Registrations for the Congress can now be made through this web site; proceed to registration

If you cannot register at this time, but would like to express interest in attending, please respond with your contact details to ensure you stay updated as planning continues.

Academic papers (peer reviewed), Applied papers (not peer reviewed) and Posters are invited on the theme and associated issues; see the web site tab “Presenting”.  Sub-themes focus on management actions to increase agricultural output, future technologies, role of governments, people, business models, downstream linkages, environment and resources, research and extension services and regional strategies for growth.

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