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31 December 2017

What is an agroholding?

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The rapid development of large farming structures in transition and emerging market economies not only challenges the traditional views on production organization, but also confuses the research community with respect to the very definition of an object of inquiry.

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22 December 2017

Kuban reports on growth in meat, milk and sugar production in 2017

Agroholding Kuban, one of the largest agribusinesses in the south of Russia, reported on the production results of 2017. The grain and tilled crops are harvested with a yield of 10-20% higher than the average for the Krasnodar region. The increase in the output of meat and meat products amounted to 8.8%. The average daily milk yield per cow...

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24 November 2017

KSG Agro announced a raider capture of a pig farm

The management of the KSG Agro agroholding announced an attempt of raider capture of the livestock complex owned by the company Rantier, which is part of the KSG Agro group. This was reported by the chairman of the board of directors Sergey Kasyanov.

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03 November 2017

Mriya on the path to repay its debts to foreign creditors

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Ternopil-based Mriya is now on the path to repay its debts ($ 1.1 billion) to foreign creditors. One of the signs of recovery is the fact that Mriya was accepted back to the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine in September 2017.

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25 October 2017

MHP moved its headquarters to Cyprus

The shareholders approved the transfer of the office and central administration of the MHP agroholding from Luxembourg to Cyprus. The Mouaimis & Mouaimis company will be an official representative and consultant of MHP in Cyprus.

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19 October 2017

Kernel attracted a $ 200 million credit line

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Kernel, one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural groups, agreed with the syndicate of European banks to raise a credit line with a limit of $ 200 million. A three-year revolving credit line will be used to finance working capital in the production of sunflower oil in Ukraine. The company will invest $ 130 million in the construction of an oil refinery in Khmelnytsky region by 2020.

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16 October 2017

13.6% of total farm area in Australia in hands of foreigners

As of June 30, 2017, a total of 50.2 million ha farm area in Australia was in the hands of non-Australians. That was 13.6% of the total farmland in the country. The most striking change was the tenfold increase of the farm area owned by the Chinese to 14.42 million ha.

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28 September 2017

Mriya invested $ 3.56 million in agricultural machinery in 2017

Mriya invested $ 3.56 million in the purchase of agricultural machinery. Mriya's technical park was replenished with 27 tractors and cultivators. Since early 2017, Mriya has already received new equipment for a total of $ 10.76 million.

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15 September 2017

Astarta to invest $80 million by the end of 2020

Astarta-Kyiv is to invest $ 80 million into development by the end of 2020. The major projects include irrigation, technologies of crop production, construction of elevators and new livestock complexes.

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11 September 2017

Large Scale Agriculture – Potential for Cross-Country Comparisons

Report -

On 11 and 12 September 2017, the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) in cooperation with the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB) hosted the first meeting of the International Competence Center on Large-Scale Agriculture (LaScalA) in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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