Agrosila invested $30 million in business development

02 January 2019

Agrosila, a vertically integrated agroholding in the Volga region of Russia, engaged in crop and poultry production, invested RUB 2 billion ($ 29.2 million) in business development projects in 2018.  In particular, RUB 600 million ($ 8.6 million) were allocated for the development of its poultry production enterprise Chelny Broiler. In 2019, Agrosila plans to invest another RUB 500 million ($ 7.3 million) in the modernization of the Chelny Broiler, which holds a share of 65% on the market for poultry meat in the Tatarstan region of Russia.

RUB 1 billion ($ 14.6 million) will be spent for the purchase of new agricultural equipment for the crop enterprises, in particular 27 combine harvesters and two beet sprayers. The company also plans to modernize the Zainsky sugar plant, which accounts for 51% of the sugar market in the Tatarstan region of Russia.

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