Astarta raises attractiveness of employment in farming sector

23 December 2019

Astarta Kyiv, a Ukrainian leading producer of crops, sugar, and milk, was awarded with “HR Brand Ukraine 2019: innovations, trends and the best decisions of employers” for successful implementation of its project “My future in agro: new opportunities in IT”. Launched back in 2017, the project aims at deconstructing the biased attitudes and stereotypes related to employment in farming sector among children and adults across Ukraine and involves trainings that aim to raise the attractiveness of the agricultural sector for potential employees and inform them of career opportunities in agriculture.

The training program covers several areas: agricultural science, IT opportunities in agricultural sector for children, IT training for adults etc. In the last two years, over 1,170 children and 519 adults from 360 local communities in the regions of Astarta’s activity took part in the project. After completing the program, 70% of children expressed interest in working in the agricultural sector in the future. 

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