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Largest M&A deals in agriculture: last decade’s top 10 in Ukraine

02 September 2021

A recent ranking prepared by presents most prominent M&A deals in Ukrainian agricultural sector over the past ten years, which brought about a profound shift in the development of the involved companies or set a new trend on the market. Based on this list, has outlined top 10 acquisition deals of the past decade involving Ukrainian agroholdings.

YearSubjectPurchaserVendor% acquiredValue
2020Rail Transit Kargo Ukraine LLC  Kernel Holding S.A.Not disclosed100%$64 million
In detail: with this deal, Ukraine’s largest sunflower oil producer Kernel acquired a rail freight company with 3,000 grain hopper cars and became the owner of the largest rail transport network among private companies countrywide.
2019Perutnina Ptuj d.d.MHP S.A.Slovenian Steel Group d.d.91%$250 million
In detail: with this deal, Ukrainian largest poultry producer MHP acquired its first foreign Europe-based asset specialized in poultry production.
2018Agro-Holding MCHarvEastAgrotime Invest LimitedOver 50%Not disclosed
In detail: the deal allowed Ukrainian agroholding HarvEast, previously present only in Eastern regions, to extend its activities to Northern part of Ukraine increasing farmland area by 25,000 hectares.
2018Mriya agroholdingSaudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC)Mriya Farming PLC100%$242 million
In detail: with the acquisition of a bankrupt Mriya agroholding, SALIC extended its operations in Western Ukraine. The acquired assets were merged with local production capacities (a group of enterprises with around 45,000 hectares of farmland) already owned by SALIC into an agroholding Continental Farmers Group, which currently operates 195,000 hectares and is mainly engaged in cash crop production.
2017Ukrainian Agrarian InvestmentsKernel Holding S.A.ONEXIM Group100%$155 million
In detail: with this deal, Kernel increased farmland area by 190,000 hectares and extended its storage capacity by 200,000 tonnes.
2016Five grain elevators GlencoreLevano LLP
Renaisco B.V. (Glencore)Over 85%Not disclosed
In detail: the one-time acquisition of five grain elevators from Glencore allowed Ukrainian agricultural producer Prometey with 20,000 hectares under operation to increase its storage capacity from 300,000 tonnes to 1 million tonnes. In total, Prometey has acquired 12 grain elevators from Glencore over the recent years.
2016Vinnytsia Agro Industrial GroupEpicentr KVolodymyr Bartsos (owner)80%Not disclosed
In detail: this was the first large acquisition of Epicentr K followed by further rapid accumulation of farmland and storage capacities. At that time, Vinnytsia Agro Industrial Group operated 50,000 hectares of farmland and had storage capacity of 250,000 tonnes.
2015Agrokultura UkraineMHP S.A.Agrokultura AB100%-
In detail: a barter deal with Russian agroholding Agrokultura AB allowed MHP to exchange its Russia-based enterprise Voronezh Agro Holding (40,000 hectares of farmland, storage capacity of 150,000 tonnes) for an enterprise in Western Ukraine owned by Agrokultura AB with 40,000 hectares of farmland, two grain elevators, and machinery park of 350 vehicles. The deal involved no accompanying monetary payments.
2013Agroprogress HoldingIMC S.A.Bluerice LimitedOver 50%$40 million
In detail: the acquisition of the asset in Chernihiv region of Ukraine allowed Ukrainian agroholding IMC S.A. to double its farmland to 120,000 hectares, to raise its storage capacity 30% to 340,000 tonnes, and eventually to enter the list of Ukraine’s top 10 largest agroholdings.
2011Rise AgroholdingUkrLandFarmingVitalii Tsekhmistrenko (owner)99.46%Not disclosed
In detail: of four acquisition deals UkrLandFarming closed in 2010 – 2011, the acquisition of Ukrainian agroholding Rise was the largest and included 180,000 hectares of farmland, storage capacities of 600,000 tonnes, five seed production plants, a sugar factory, and a network of 40 agricultural machinery distributors.