Sunrise Farms filed a lawsuit against disinfection companies

14 May 2019

Sunrise Farms, a U.S. egg producer, filed a lawsuit against the disinfection companies hired by the federal government to disinfect its barns in 2015. Back then, Sunrise Farms reported on the outbreak of the bird flu on its farm. Before the outbreak, the poultry population of the farm comprised 4 million egg-laying hens and 500,000 young hens. The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service division took over the disinfection process, hiring several companies to complete euthanizing birds and disinfecting barns to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sunrise Farms claims the treatments destroyed the farm’s equipment, electrical wiring and water lines, and diminished the barns' structural integrity. The company expects to be repaid for the damages and the cost of the lawsuit. Sunrise Farms operates a feed mill, 25 layer barns, two manure barns and a processing plant.

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