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The International Competence Center on Large Scale Agriculture (LaScalA) brings together a network of international experts in the field of large farm management. Our major focus is on research into economic, organizational and ethical aspects of large scale farming activities as well as into institutional frameworks that enable the development of large agricultural enterprises.

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09 July 2018

Top 10 Australia's biggest cattle stations

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Top 10 Australia's biggest cattle stations operate altogether over 15 million ha of land, grow about 350,000 heads of cattle and employ around 200 people. We provide more information about these stations based on the data of worldatlas.com, lovemoney.com, weeklytimesnow.com.au, as well as the websites of the stations.

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16 July 2018

Agroliga's early crops harvest exceeds expectations

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Due to favorable weather conditions, the Agroliga group of companies started the harvesting season of early crops earlier than usual. About 37% of the areas provided good quality grain. Many years of improvement of fertilizer application technologies, trainings of agronomists and loss minimization strategy during harvesting made it possible to achieve such results. 3,500 hectares of sunflowers still remain to be harvested. Despite of hot and arid summer, Agroliga is expecting a high volume of crops. Firstly, the company planted sunflower hybrids resistant to drought, and, secondly, it conducts the project on meteorological insurance of sunflower crops in cooperation with Syngenta.

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13 July 2018

Most large farm holders in UK are 45 and older

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According to the key findings of the UK government survey published last week, over 60% of the largest farms are run by holders aged between 45 and 64 years old. 23% of the largest farms were run by holders over 65 years old and less than 5% - by holders under 35 years old. The report analyzed agricultural labor data collated as part of the EU Farm Structure Survey run by the UK’s four regional departments of agriculture. The results are used to assess the agricultural situation, to monitor trends in the structure of holdings and to model the impact of external developments or policy proposals.

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11 July 2018

Conaprole´s dairy conflict gets worse

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The conflict of the Uruguayan dairy cooperative Conaprole continues after the Association of Workers and Employees of Conaprole (AOEC) blocked the entry of private companies to the dairy cooperative's plants. This led to delays of milk delivery. Conaprole still has not reached a salary agreement with the dairy unions. The conflict threatens to spread to the rest of the companies in the sector, following a decision made by an assembly of the Federation of Workers of the Dairy Industry (FTIL) on Monday.

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10 July 2018

Miratorg launched a new sausage factory in Saint Petersburg

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Agroholding Miratorg, the second largest landowner in Russia, operating 676,000 hectares, launched the production of sausages at a factory in Saint Petersburg. The factory previously belonged to the company Rubezh, which went bankrupt. At the moment the factory is only being rented by Miratorg. The estimated costs of takeover of the factory are 70 million rubles ($ 1.1 million).

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