ECO-Culture to invest in grain processing

10 January 2019

The ECO-Culture holding, operating 207 hectares of greenhouses in Russia, plans to build a grain processing plant in 2019. Depending on the production strategy, the total volume of investment is to reach RUB 11.6- 15.5 billion ($173-232 million).

So far ECO-Culture considers two options for production. The first one is to process 113,000 tonnes of corn per year into maltodextrin, corn starch and gluten, as well as into dry gluten feed. The rate of return for corn processing would reach 10-12%. The second option is to process 250,000 tonnes of wheat per year for the production of gluten, glucose monohydrate, glucose-fructose syrups, sorbitol and feed additives. Wheat processing would result in a 30-40% return rate.

In the second half of 2019, ECO-Culture plans to increase its processing capacity of vegetables up to 700 tonnes per day. Also, the company continues to expand its greenhouse area.

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