Miratorg to increase broiler production

20 February 2019

Miratorg, the largest beef and pork producer in Russia, reported on the expansion of its broiler breeding, slaughtering and processing enterprise Bryanskiy Broiler in the Bryansk region of Russia. The company plans to launch new poultry breeding sites with a total capacity of 16 million heads per year, which will increase meat production by 40,000 tonnes per year. The total value of the investment will reach RUB 4.6 billion ($69.5 million).

Miratorg launched Bryanskiy Broiler in 2014 and has invested RUB 25 billion ($378 million) into this enterprise. Bryanskiy Broiler operates 20 poultry farms, a hatchery, a meat processing plant, as well as a grain processing plant. The total broiler population at the Bryanskiy Broiler’s farms exceeds 8.7 million birds.
In addition, Miratorg plans to establish a new cattle production site at the Bryansk enterprise. The total worth of the investment will reach RUB 618 million ($9.34 million). In 2018, Miratorg produced 108,000 tonnes of beef in live weight, 32% more than in 2017.

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