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Top 10 Russia's largest agricultural landholders 2018

05 June 2018 - Top 10 Russian agroholdings altogether operate over 5.136 Mio ha of land and employ over 145 thousand people. Their total revenue exceeds $ 6.5 billion. We provide more information about these companies based on the data of,,,, as well as the companies’ corporate reports and websites.

NameUltimate beneficial ownerRegistered officeLand area, thousand ha    Revenue in FY 2017, $ millionNet profit in FY 2017, $ millionNumber of employees
1Prodimex + AgrokulturaIgor KhudokormovMoscow Region (Russia)790755 (FY 2016)15.1 (FY 2016)15.000
Main activity: production and distribution of sugar, wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soybeans, peas, milk, vegetables
2MiratorgViktor Linnik, Alexander LinnikMoscow (Russia)6761,927 (FY 2016)337.3 (FY 2016)30.000
Main activity: production of mixed fodders, animal husbandry, meat processing, transport, warehouse logistics, distribution of food products
3RusagroVadim MoshkovichNicosia (Cyprus)6751,356 95 14.000
Main activity: production and distribution of sugar, pork, crops, oil and fats
4AgrocomplexAlexander TkachevKrasnodar Region (Russia)644722.9 (FY 2016)48 (FY 2016)24.000
Main activity: production and distribution of leguminous plants, cereals, sugar beet, oilseeds
5Volgo-Don AgroinvestSergei Kukura,
Alexei Kukura
Moscow (Russia)45297.2 (FY 2016)10.6 (FY 2016)2.400
Main activity: production and distribution of corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, soybean, sugar beet, potatos,  management of grain elevators and livestock farms
6Avangard AgroKirill MinovalovMoscow (Russia)400204.37.54.750
Main activity: production of wheat, barley, sunflower, sugar beet, buckwheat, corn

Steppe + RZ Agro

Vladimir Evtushenkov, Louis-Dreyfus FamilyRostov (Don), Moscow (Russia)380163.842.51.000
Main activity: engaged in livestock, grain production, horticulture and vegetable growing
8VasilinaViktor DimitrievAvgustovka, Samara Region (Russia)380not reportednot reportednot reported
Main activity: production of wheat, sunflower, peas, corn, nut, cattle breeding, fishery, agricultural machinery
9UK RostAgroMikail Shishanov,
Mikhail Gutseriev
Moscow (Russia)3771,30296.32.000
Main activity: production of wheat, sunflower, triticale, rye, corn, sugar beet, buckwheat, barley, peas and soybeans
10Ivolga HoldingVasiliy RozinovQostanay (Kazakhstan)362not reportednot reported42.000
Main activity: production of cereals, fodder, oilseeds, legume crops, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, cattle breeding, production of milk and meat products